Financial Information

Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate International Student Budget/Costs

For more information on payment due dates, where and how to pay, setting up third party billing (for students receiving a scholarship or foreign government funding), see the One Stop Billing and Payment website..

Payment Information

You can pay your student account with:

    • an e-check from a U.S. bank account
    • Flywire allows you to use money from a foreign bank account to pay your tuition and fees. Note: this may take several days to complete, so plan accordingly.
    • A credit card (there are extra charges for paying with a credit card)
    • You can also pay in person at the Cashiers window (DAdB 140) or by mail

For a one-time fee each semester, degree-seeking students can split their payments into 3 installments by enrolling in the Payment Plan.

Payment Due Dates

For more information on billing due dates, please go to the One Stop Academic Calendar and select the term you are interested in (for example, "Fall 2022" and then choose "Billing and Payment" from the Categories.