Health Care

Health Care On Campus and in Duluth

UMD Health Services is a comprehensive health and wellness facility located on campus for UMD students, to meet your health care needs. You can visit UMD Health Services for medical services you might otherwise go to your doctor for at home. In addition to medical services, Health Services offers free and confidential counseling appointments, and educational outreach and wellness programs.  Visit the UMD Health Services website for more information.

Duluth is also a regional center for medical care in Northern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin.  If more acute care is needed there are several large hospitals in the area. 

Health Insurance

In the United States the government does not pay for health care. Your Student Services Fee pays for services at UMD Health Services and you are required to purchase U of M health insurance. Health care in the United States is complicated and very expensive – one illness can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and financially devastate you and your family. Therefore, for your protection, UMD mandates that all international students purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan. For more information about the plan, please visit the Office of Student Health Benefits. Your health insurance covers most preventive medical care while you are here, and assists with the costs of other medical care if it is needed. 

Waiving the Plan

If you are covered by either of the following, you will not be required to purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan.

  • A United States-based employer-sponsored health plan or;
  • Graduate Assistant Insurance Plan (GA Plan) provided by the University of Minnesota

Students covered by a U.S.-based employer-sponsored health plan need to apply for a waiver of the Student Health Benefit Plan.

Before arriving to Duluth, please review and fill out the following forms: