Transfer Students

Transfer to UMD

After being admitted, the first step in transferring to the University of Minnesota Duluth from another U.S. university is to meet with the international student adviser at your current school.

Procedure at Current School

Meet with the International Student Adviser at your current school to discuss your intent to transfer schools and to determine a SEVIS "transfer release date". That date should be the date that you no longer have ties to your current school (i.e., classes, employment).

Ask your International Student Adviser to process a "transfer release" in SEVIS for you to attend the University of Minnesota Duluth. Note: You must be certain that it's the University of Minnesota Duluth to which you want to transfer. If you have admission applications pending at other schools that you may wish to attend, do not request the transfer release until you have made a final decision.

Have your international student adviser complete the Transfer Release Form and email that form to the University of Minnesota Duluth ([email protected]).

Transfer Credit

For more information on transferring academic credit to UMD, see the One Stop Transfer Credit website.

Students must remember to send their official college transcripts and course descriptions. The receiving college or university decides what credits transfer and whether those credits meet its degree requirements.