Mentor Program

The International Student Mentor program is designed to assist incoming international students with their transition to UMD. International student mentors provide friendly support as new international students become acquainted with UMD and Duluth. The program is intended to enhance student experiences by bringing together U.S. students, returning international students, and new international students and providing opportunities for intercultural exchange.



New international students who join the International Student Mentor Program will be assigned a mentor. This program is free for all new international students. If you would like to join the program, please fill out the Mentee Application.  Once you have been matched with a mentor, you will be given each other’s contact information so you can e-mail one another before you even arrive in Duluth.


As a mentor to an international student, you will be assigned a new international student to contact before they arrive. You will also meet with your mentee as soon as possible after they arrive in the United States and a few times throughout the semester.  In order to request a mentee, please fill out the Mentor Application.

There are many benefits to being a mentor to a new international student including:

  • Gaining insight into cultural values and world views
  • Acquiring knowledge on cultural adjustment, communication styles and personal leadership
  • Building your resume with international experiences
  • Mentor volunteer hours can be documented and used toward obtaining the Kirby Leadership Certificate which is designed to help students develop strategies and skills for success.
  • Having Fun!

Examples of Mentor Duties include:

  • Help with getting a UCard and setting up their UMD account
  • Help with setting up a bank account
  • Tours of the UMD campus and Duluth, buying textbooks
  • Using the DTA bus system
  • Being a friendly resource for support and socializing
  • Meeting informally with your mentee at least 2-3 times during the semester